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Having been in the mortgage business for 20 years, I know what’s most important to my clients. They want to know they’re getting the best deal and the best service from someone who cares. That’s why I love my job – because meeting new people, helping them achieve their goal, and seeing their smile at the closing table brings me joy.

I use my accounting and financial background skills to maneuver through the complicated mortgage business on behalf of my clients in order to create the optimal mortgage solution for them. I thoroughly understand the mortgage business, and I have the resources necessary to finalize every deal.

Customer service is my strength, and I pride myself on guiding my clients through the loan process smoothly and truthfully. That’s why most of my new customers are referrals from previous clients. Please call me at (954) 366-9979, with any questions or for information and advice.

Brian Tewes

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30-yr Fixed 3.89% 4.02%
15-yr Fixed 3.16% 3.33%
1-yr Adj 2.74% 3.4%
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